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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope for Monday, 21 May

Full Forecast for Today, Monday
Virgo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your sensual games with the person you like and you're trying to seduce can bring bad results today. You're good at speculating, Virgo, and unique at the game of seduction, but there is always a part of subjectivity in the other person that you can't control.

Your problem is that you base all your processes of falling in love in that game of tug of war, which even though you get it right a hundred times there can always be one in which you get a frog.

What you should stop to think about today is how, after so much time looking for someone interesting to share your life with, when you have found it, you play the game of cat and mouse risking what could be a beautiful love story.

One piece of advice: give up that very calculating character and give everything that is in you, still at risk of being harmed. Today is the day. Go for it and fight for what you want.


Your plans so that your economy doesn't stay stagnant are giving results little by little, although sometimes it's difficult for you to see them because of their extreme slowness.

For the day of today, the stars give you two very valuable tips:

First, arm yourself with patience and wait for the results to arrive. You know better than anyone that in a matter of business keeping cool and not rushing is essential. Any step you take led by anxiety can hurt you noticeably.

Secondly, today you distrust the vultures that crowd around you. It usually happens that when one is doing well, old friends appear trying to come near you, but distrust. They're only smelling the money.

Be cautious and trust only those people who have been by your side for years and for who you would stake your life on.


Do you know that your oral hygiene is essential? Our mouth is the entrance hole for thousands and thousands of microbes and bacteria that threaten to attack our body.

Fortunately, your defenses tend to be strong and protect you from those external agents, but today your immune system stops to suffer a slight fall that will give free entry to these microorganisms. It's highly recommended that today you make a double effort in the hygiene of your mouth.

At the beginning of the day it's very possible that you get up with an ulcer on the inner walls of your mouth or on your gums, which is a clear warning that your defenses are under minimum. Take care of those ulcers with some special ointment and be patient: they take a while to heal.