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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope for Saturday, 30 June

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You're going to feel embarrassed in many situations, with that common feeling that you don't make your own decisions, you end up acting always how someone else tells you to. In some situations, you're going to act against the way you want to only to make others happy.

It's a good moment to change that tendency. You have to learn to say "no", to make your own decisions, to do what really comes out of your heart even though you risk making the rest angry or making mistakes. Being the owner of your actions is a maturity exercise.

Put it into practice, Virgo. Argument your reasons when making decisions and, above all, set a strong line in your personality to be more autonomous.


Your business is progressing more than well. It's sucking you a lot of energy, especially lately, and there are days when you are really saturated. You almost don't have time for anything else and there are days when you arrive at home extremely tired. But it's worth it.

However, in the competitive world in which we move, it requires continuous renewal and not to remain static. The market trend is changing and the stars recommend to rethink your strategies.

You have all the factors, economic and human, to be successful and increase your profits, but you must rethink some lines and focus your business from other perspectives. Let yourself be advised.


Lately you're resting more and this has reinforced your well-being in the long days of work. You feel stronger, those dizziness and that physical weakness that had gripped you disappeared. You're on the right track, Virgo.

However, all excesses are bad. And in your case, there are days when your sleep hours get too long.

If sleeping little is a mistake because your body doesn't rest, sleeping too much and at the wrong time is equally harmful to your body. It may be that sleeping too much will end up making you feel equally tired. It's urgent that you find balance in this regard.

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