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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope for Thursday, 9th August

Full Forecast for Today, Thursday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Today there are three things that will stand out: the fullness with which you reach this August, the success of the journey and the balance reached only based on effort and positive mentality. Your evolution as a person reflects the transformation of an anxious and isolate, angry and fearful being, to a sociable, open and courageous person.

Today lean on that group of friends that you have been creating based on trust and pure feelings. Explain how you feel, what worries you, what dreams you have.

Remember that maintaining the illusion in your projects is a fundamental source of energy. Today, get excited without fear and share it with your group of friends.


Despite the stabilization process that you are in, and that there aren't many ups and downs, the stars notice a problematic imbalance in your financial structure that can lead to bankruptcy.

Keep an eye on it, Virgo, because if you don't correct this dysfunction the thing can end badly.

The most serious thing is that you have too much money invested in the speculative economy, which as you know has the feet of clay and it can sink at any time. Reduce risky investments and start saving your money in safe funds.



You have to have more patience with that cold, Virgo. The key is that you don't let negative thoughts end up dominating over your optimism. You will only improve faster if you manage to maintain that positive spirit.

If you get bitter about the importance of not being able to do the things you like and having to be in bed in the middle of August, then negativity will take hold of you and your body will weaken.

For the Virgos today will be a day with a very broad energy field around them: They have to open the channels that allow this energy to flow towards them.