Full Virgo Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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When in the sexual field you don't see something with enough clarity, you can put an end to all the fire around you easily. It seems as if those flames that flood people with passion are not born from you, but you generate them around you.

Cutting it off before the situation gets messed up is something you know how to do perfectly well, but remember that it's good for everyone, from time to time, to let their hair down.

If you don't feel how that fire of passion springs from within you, you might not be living your sexuality in the way you should. Take a break if you need it, but think about this issue.


If something has a "problem solver" like you, it is that throughout the day you can experience moments of authentic chaos.

You won't be able to answer all the emails that you'll receive to resolve incidents and attending the calls will be a very complicated task to fulfill as you would like to.

When you're out of your work hours you don't have to answer these calls, no matter how much your mobile phone keeps ringing. If you do, you will generate a dynamic that in the long run will be more harmful than beneficial and, of course, will end up taking your toll and leaving you without a moment of relaxation.


The stomach is usually, as it is the head, one of the parts of your body that aches the most when you are afraid of something or when you're going through an uncomfortable situation.

The sexual issue may be worrying you more unconsciously than it should. You won't feel appetite nor will you enjoy the food you take.

It may be a problem now that you are used to eating a bit of everything and that is dragging a series of problems on which you must continue working. Take your strength and force yourself to eat, don't let your energy decline.