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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Virgo Sign for Monday 9th July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Monday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



These last days you have emptied yourself too emotionally, and today you may feel a little empty. It's a bitter sensation that, in addition, will multiply when having the senation that you are helping a lot of people in a disinterested way but that nobody is helping you.

That shouldn't make you change your attitude towards others. You are really starting to value what friendship is, to deepen feelings and to be more generous. And although sometimes it doesn't look like it, others value much more that new person that you are now.

But you shouldn't be afraid to ask to help your immediate environment, or even more attention. In the next few days your circle of friends will be a very important support, don't hesitate in leaning on them.


A difficult week has begun at work, a week in which some unforeseen events will cause you to hurry up your tasks and use a more dynamic way of working. Also, due to the increase in stress and nerves, some old quarrels may arise and there may be conflicts with your colleagues.

Definitely, your way of working can complicate your life this week. Try not to be so perfectionist, it isn't time to go to the detail of things, but to be expeditious. Being so meticulous is positive in the face of the end result of things, but this time it's delaying the completion of your tasks.

Try to work agilely and support yourself in your colleagues. In this way you will also encourage the team spirit and the feeling that together you can take things forward.


Taking your work home isn't a novelty in your case, Virgo, but this week it may get out of hand. If you follow this path, don't rule out an anxiety crisis or something worse, because the body resists to a certain limit.

Do you know the white chestnut tree flower, Virgo? It's a medicinal herb whose intake produces a lot of benefits for your mind. But the most interesting thing is that it will free you from all those thoughts of work that beset you even in your free time.

To avoid exhaustion, depression, anxiety and other derivatives, ingest that flower as therapy to relax your mind and so it "stops". You will see how the effects are immediate and you live in a much calmer state.