Horoscope for Those Born Under the Virgo Sign for Saturday 18th August by Magic Horoscope

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You have fallen in love just like a teenager, Virgo, and somehow that is recovering all the illusion for the life that little by little you have been losing these last years. It's a wonderful feeling that you had forgotten and that now, suddenly, makes you feel alive again.

All day today you will have only one thing in your head. It's not that this person attracts you physically; they have everything that complements you as a person, everything you seek in love, the perfect combination.

And now it's your turn to decide. It's distressing, Virgo, but you have to take perhaps the most important decision of your life: End a relationship that no longer excites you but gives you stability, or leap yourself to an adventure that you don't know how it will end. The stars recommend that you follow your instincts, but take your time to decide.


Today will be an exhausting day, very far from the day of rest that you had imagined and planned for this Saturday.

It's the fault of that task that you have started, knowing that you could not leave it half-heartedly. And until you finish it you won't rest. Even at the risk of sacrificing your rest and bodily and mental well-being.

You will end the day more exhausted than ever, with the feeling of having worked in just one day more than the whole week. Of course, with the satisfaction of the finished work.


Today you have some health problems that you want to consult a friend and you will receive advice about how to solve them. Follow the advice of that friend as long as they don't involve added risks, referring to some medications stronger than normal.

In addition, today you should start a gradual reduction of the consumption of sleeping pills, which are generating extreme addiction, muscle pain and apathy during the day.

Virgos with overweight: it has gone from being an aesthetic issue to a serious health problem. Put yourself in the hands of a specialist to reduce your weight drastically.