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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Virgo Sign for Sunday 29th July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Sunday
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Do you have a beach nearby? Don't hesitate and organize a family Sunday or among friends on a good beach where you can sunbathe, go swimming, and find moments of relaxation and fun.

Do you have a forest or a field nearby? Today will be a great day surrounded by nature, accompanied by those you love the most, and you will feel free and in communion with others as you haven't felt it for ages.

The ideal today is that you find a suitable place to breathe fresh air and sunbathe. Staying locked up at home is going to be a bad decision, and looking for an outdoor activity will make you feel renewed.


With the income of these last days your economy today begins an expansive cycle that you can accept with two perspectives: a more conservative one in which you avoid big risks and strengthen your financial balance, and a more risky one in which you put your money in growth.

The first one is the most advisable one. After many obstacles to get here you have achieved an enviable stability, and the prediction indicates that you are in an expansive phase and that therefore your money will continue to grow. It's just about rationalizing this increase.

Because the second perspective, more risky, can go well. You are at an ideal juncture to put your money to grow and look for profitable investments. But, what if it goes wrong?


You have found the ideal balance between your conservative mentality regarding sex and your desire to experiment and discover new sensations. What you need now is to explore new resources little by little.

But for that you need to feel comfortable, find the adequate flow of energy to express that part of you more repressed. Today is one of those days. Magic Horoscope, according to the astral prediction, recommends you to try outdoor sex, find in the morbid of the forbidden and the risk of the unexpected the appropriate excitement.

On the other hand, reinforce the presence of organic food in your daily diet. And today don't forget to go outside to breathe pure air. You have to start the new week to the fullest!