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Virgo Magic Horoscope for 18th March

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The good streak continues in love for singles. Haven't you proposed a date to that person who you feel attracted to so much yet? Don't waste time! You'll get a "yes" for sure. 

The transit of the moon will be especially noticeable today, day in which you will be more reckless than usual. Take advantage and don't miss this opportunity to enjoy love.

However, Virgos who are in a relationship should be very careful, as they may suffer a relapse and return to the situation they experienced during the first half of the month.

The moon will create certain sentimental confusions to you, before you start arguing think there are evidences you just have to accept.


Indecision has taken control of you. While on the one hand you don't want to give up your free time, you fear that the fact of rejecting the opportunity to do overtime that you have been asked to do, puts you in a compromised situation and that you could lose your job overnight.

To make matters worse, the influence of the stars is making you feel more confused than usual and you have an extra energy that makes you feel very accelerated. Maybe the time has come to ask for help from a relative or close friend.

However, the best thing to do is to move your ideas away from your head that will only lead you to consternation and trust your instincts.


This planetary wave that you are receiving will help you to bring your energy back, something very positive considering that there are some Virgo that have gone through problems of weakness and who even suffer from anemia.

All those who have gone through a disorder of the digestive system will also feel better. The foods that you consume will be more profitable than usual, so the time has come to charge the batteries and fill us with the energies through the foods that Mother Earth provides us with.

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