Virgo Daily Horoscope |



You will feel between a rock and a hard place when you know your ex-partner's intentions. A breakup is not always easy and less if you have to keep in contact with the other person against your will, either because of family or even economic issues.

The thing gets complicated when one of the two parts rebuilds their life and the other doesn't take the news too well, since it can set off a real pitched battle. You'll be relieved to know that you have the support of your current partner, although no one will get rid of this day in a bad mood.


Today will be a very relaxing day at work. The arrival of this weekend will make you all happy because the last few days haven't been very easy.

It's not that you've had a lot of work to do, but the changes and the hustle and bustle that these changes and training courses have made you more eager than ever for the weekend to arrive.

Everyone will want to know the plans of others for the next few days and you may even want to do something together. Even those who tend not to socialize too much will join you.


Indigestion and even heartburn can make its appearance throughout the afternoon and before than you expected you'll begin to notice the first signs of your body alerting you that something is wrong.

Taking care of your diet should be a priority for you, but at the moment you will have to manage with a gastric protector and a visit to your GP. Avoid eating out if you don't want to go through a bad time that forces you to rest and not be able to do the things you had planned.