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Virgo Horoscope for Wednesday, January 31st

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You think that the feeling you have after an infidelity will never go away completely, but something tells you not to end the relationship. The emptiness that you feel when someone has let you down is very complicated to fill, but time heals everything.

You are also hurt because you can’t trust that person anymore, your insecurities and your fears are now bigger and every suspicious gesture is likely to become a source of discussion.

Speaking clearly and expressing your feelings to that person will make you feel better, both of you must start rebuilding the relationship from a new perspective and start almost from scratch.


Throwing yourself into your responsibilities will seem the best way of getting away from your personal problems. Your desire to improve things and be successful in some aspect of your life, such as work, will be reflected in the dynamism with which you fulfill your tasks and also in the good work you do.

The truth is you really needed whatever it was that caused this extra motivation and it has come at the best moment for you. Changes are coming and the intention of making your workplace a “second home” is the perfect way of starting.


As a good Virgo, you have an innate capacity to look after yourself. It seems as though you have a radar that goes off when your body is exposed to situations that could harm you and subconsciously, you act accordingly.

You might consider the possibility of doing a first aid course or even one on nutrition, since they’re topics that have always caught your eye and that you know could improve your quality of life. What’s more, the idea of being able to dedicate yourself professionally to these sectors attracts you.

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