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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Virgo Prediction for this Coming Friday 25th May

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Virgo Daily Horoscope |



From early in the morning you will feel some sorrow, one of those taciturn feelings that envelop you in an aura of negativity and make you start the day with your left foot. But you can change it.

The stars see today a very special communion with your closest friends, so it's highly recommended that today you get close to them and try to find the perfect connection that enhances your feeling of friendship.

Don't forget to take advantage of that positive energy among you to remind them how important they are to you and all those things that you value most in them.

Sometimes you forget it, Virgo, but today a big dose of realism is going to remind you that a friend's shoulder is the best refuge, and a treasure of incalculable value.



Many things are happening at work, although lately you are so worried about doing your job well that you don't even realize what is going on around you.

If today you stop to notice how everything is moving in your office you will realize that someone very close is accepting responsibility for you not one, not two, not three times, but many. And that's because you're efficient in your work, and your colleagues value it.

But you must try not to be so sourpuss when you talk to others, but on the contrary, make an effort to show yourself more sociable with the other workers who, after all, are part of your team and stand up for you when you need it.

Thank that person who took a risk for you, and from now on interacts more between the group. You will see how it will make you feel more relaxed and you will work even more and better.


Bone pain is something more normal than it seems, Virgo, and it isn't a disease reserved only for the elderly. Today you will suffer it in your own flesh.

Living as you live day to day it's normal that from time to time your skeleton suffers. There are parts of the body that are especially sensitive when we have a very busy pace of life, such as joints, legs, knees, arms...

Today, fortunately, there are thousands of sports, alternative therapies, products and other remedies to relieve that pain and strengthen your body. Practicing yoga or any relaxation exercise also helps boost your elasticity.

Of course, don't forget to take your daily calcium dose so that your bones don't weaken.