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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Virgo Prediction for this Coming Monday 26th March

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This beginning of the week comes very conflictive for the Virgos who are single. Throughout life we accumulate wounds and the ones that occurred in great battles in the past are those that take longer to heal and also, those that are easier to open.

An unexpected event may occur this Monday that will take you back to those days of pain and sadness that you went through. Finding an ex-partner you haven't forgotten yet and seeing that they have started a new life with someone isn't usually easy to cope with.

However, these circumstances also have a positive side and there is no better way to confirm that the page has been turned. Or not.


People leaving are new opportunities for other people, although this isn't always synonymous of a promotion or a change of position. There are times when the absence of a partner brings us an increase in the workload despite the fact that the working conditions are the same.

Observing this circumstance will make you get really angry; you are not willing to let them take advantage of you. The possibility of this change of mentality can lead you to think about a new professional beginning. You prefer to sacrifice some aspects such as stability before allowing them to tease you.


If you are thinking of expanding the family, you may find that it isn't easy. Maybe some fertility problem is hidden in the background, no matter how hard you try to think that that isn't the real problem.

If you have been trying for a long time and you haven't succeeded, the time has come for you to visit the doctor's. There are many possibilities nowadays to conceive and doing it through an alternative technique shouldn't be seen as a traumatic or unnatural procedure.

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