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You'll miss that unconditional love that is established in parental relations. Perhaps the idea of proposing a plan to your father or your mother with the hope of making up for lost time comes to mind.

It's true that you aren't overly familiar, but from time to time it's good for all of us to feel protected by our relatives. In romantic relationships, any word can dynamite the established bond.

This is something that doesn't happen when you're with your family, you can feel free to express everything you think or feel without fear of leaving your side.


On this day when the family will be the most important for you, you will want to find a way to give them something that can show what you feel towards them. Maybe a family holiday or something simpler, such as a lunch or a picnic is considered the best option for it.

Giving gifts won't seem like a bad idea either, but it would mean a large outlay. In this sense, you must take care of your words and pronounce only those that are consistent with your pocket. Don't lose your strength by promising things that you can't fulfill later.


Having enough time to attend to your most basic needs will seem impossible to you today, Virgo. You can live really stressful moments and don't stop going from one place to another, fulfilling a thousand commitments and the plans that you had planned in your agenda.

It would help you to have a more structured mind and postpone for another time those tasks that aren't so urgent. When you're in continuous disorder it's impossible that you can dedicate to yourself and today, the best thing is to rest as much as possible. If you don't, your health will take longer to recover.