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Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Virgo Future from the Stars for this Coming Friday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Friday 29th June
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The disposition of the planets today places you in the line of love with Taurus and Capricorn. It's an illustrative connection that inclines you to be especially predisposed to fall in love with the natives of these signs, but it's nothing definitive.

The game of seduction and falling in love has to make the most difficult and decisive part. That's why you must first analyze how Taurus and Capricorns are, to act more effectively.

In the case of Capricorns, focus on highlighting their virtues to feed their ego and take them out of their comfort zone to offer an adventurous plan. They will see you as someone special.

In the case of Taurus, keep in mind two essential things. One, they are very sensitive to touch, so don't be afraid to seek physical contact with them. Also, they are very earthly beings, so don't sell them the moon, promise feasible things.


Today you could receive more criticism than usual in your work or in your daily tasks. At some point it might even seem that the world has conjured up to criticize your actions, and in this sense, it is sometimes easy for you to get defensive.

However, your conception of what you do is always so high that you walk with an enviable security through life, and today you have to assert that. Because in this sense, and thanks to that virtue, when they criticize you, they make you feel reinforced in your work.

Take from those criticisms the constructive part that can make you improve. Some humility wouldn't hurt you either, Virgo, but the truth is that this security is a point in your favor.


The hygiene of your pet is a very important element not only for the hygiene of your house or for your own health (a badly kept animal can infect us with diseases) but, above all, it's a decisive factor for the health of the animal.

Your pet is suffering from a problem, very likely related to parasites. This is due, among other things, to the fact that we have recently let our guard down with the question of hygiene.

Remember that it isn't enough to bathe our dog (for example) regularly, but we must often use shampoos and special products to fight the parasites.

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