Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 13th April

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In the dark you don't know how to act, not even how to walk. Knowing what you're touching is one of your usual concerns and when there is nothing to see, you become irrational.

It's the product of that preference for the tangible things that has a sign with a character like yours, Virgo. You tend to believe in things you can see and touch before than in feelings.

You can direct your hands to all sides, looking for a point of support that makes you feel safe. The truth is you are willing to establish a closer bond with that person, but you are the one who doesn't allow it to be built. Remember that the most beautiful of relationships aren't the visible ones, Virgo.



An unforeseen change in the position of the stars has put in your favor the goddess Fortune, Virgo, who comes willing to put in your hands considerable amounts of money.

The money will come to you, even though you're at a time when you don't need as much as a few months ago. Almost constantly, in the coming days you will receive a series of news that will brighten your pocket and why not, it will go through your head the possibility of granting yourself a whim, such as those vacations you've been dreaming for a long time.



In this stroke of luck your mentality will change and you will discover that when you want something with all your strength you move it away from you, whereas when you don't pay so much attention you do nothing but attract it.

If your mind insists too much on the idea that you are ill, you will surely fall ill. If on the contrary, you take care of yourself without giving much importance to the threats of your environment, your defenses will become stronger.

It's a way that circumstances have to occur and that will seem to not have any logic, but today this will be your reality.