Virgo Daily Horoscope |



You are starting to heal your wounds in the right way. This week, Virgo, will be ideal to put some order in your interior and evaluate everything you have lived in recent days.

Gone were those terrible weeks in which you couldn't help isolating yourself from the world and you felt sorry for your luck. It seems that calm comes after the storm and with it, a new restoration of hope.

It is likely that during these days you feel like a boy or girl with new shoes, with that desire and that hope that you thought you were never going to have again.


It seems that this week fortune will be on your side and it seems as though someone has given you the key to access the coin factory. You will find money everywhere and if you also decide to bet or participate in a raffle or lottery, you'll have good luck and you'll receive a surprise that you have never imagined.

In any case, you will have good opportunities that you should take advantage of. Maybe in some corner you find elements that will generate good benefits if you know how to take advantage of them. You have to grow that security that offers you a good financial streak as much as you can.


You have a controlling point towards others that crops up from time to time, especially when you feel insecure or vulnerable. Being aware of what they're doing can make you feel a little bad when you start comparing yourself.

If you see that others have more than you or that according to your criteria, their lives are better than yours, they can make you go back to the old ways. Although for the moment you can get rid of those negative thoughts, you are playing with fire again and you could burn yourself.

In other words: this way the only thing you are cultivating is the germ of what can be an impending depression.