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Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Monday Is Going to Be for Virgo

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Monday 7th May
Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Dear Virgo, today is going to be a particularly thick day when it comes to your emotions. Don't force yourself, try to stay calm and friendly with others. Excesses can play tricks on you.

In many moments you will feel as if others try to approach you just to hurt you. Don't get defensive and use your enormous capacity of reasoning to handle adverse situations in your favor and with elegance.

On at least one occasion you will find yourself in a tense situation, maybe even with some verbal or physical violence, so be prepared to be as cold and calm as possible. It depends on you that this situation doesn't go any further.

If you're looking for your better half, today is not your day. But don't be blinded. Take advantage to be alone, know yourself better and reinforce those points with which you can seduce others.


You've been thinking about the excessive rigidity of your daily routine for some time. Don't make a hasty decision, these aren't days to take unnecessary risks.

However, it would be absurd to close the doors to new experiences that develop other fields of your personality. Years ago, you used to perform a creative task that over the years you have abandoned. Why don't you resume it?

You must remember that order shouldn't be at odds with improvisation and sometimes leaving that rigid world in which you live can expand abilities and improve your person.

There are new projects in your professional horizon. Stop calculating always with that coldness, and throw yourself into new adventures without leaving what you already have.


Today you will have some moments of serious burden. You have been accumulating too much stress for some days and some unexpected situations, or disagreements with other people can cause you a small anxiety crisis.

Remember to control your breathing at all times, reduce your nerves with simple relaxation exercises and calm your body are simple stretches.

It's time to let yourself be taken care by your partner. Don't go to sleep without those moments of care and pampering.