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Full Horoscope for Virgo for This Coming Friday 23rd February by Magical Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Friday
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When we're in front of someone we love, we want to be with that person as long as possible. For you it's a similar sensation to the one you experience when you find an activity that you are passionate about or a song that you love: you only want more and more.

However, when you only do something out of obligation or necessity, the sensation and the results you experience are completely different. Today you can see how this also happens to you in love: you don't feel the same when you're with someone you really like that when you don't.


The same way you can make a great amount of money very easily, losing it will be as easy. Those people who you know as some kind of money "gurus" shouldn't be trusted and today you'll have to be careful if you don't want to be swindled. 

Don't trust someone you don't know who comes to you explaining that magic formula, with which making money is a piece of cake.

Having a bank account with a lot of money in it is not something that you achieve overnight, it requires a lot of effort, perseverance and hard work. Keep your income safe and don't invest in anything.



It's going to be difficult for you to stop thinking about the same things over and over again. You might try to do an important task and you get distracted very easily, a circumstance that is due to all those worries that you have in your head and that you haven't solved yet.

On days like these, there's a very useful and simple exercise that will help you to concentrate and relax and it will only take two minutes. It consists of watching how the hands of a clock moves for two minutes, while clearing any kind of thought and discarding any stimulus.

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