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Virgo Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 21st February by Magic Horoscope

Your Complete Forecast for Today, Thursday
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Don't relax too much now that the waters seem to have calmed down and that everything has returned to its status quo as far as the relationship is concerned. Sincerity is the basis of any relationship and that remorse that follows you will not cease until you have confessed everything that happened.

It's natural that you feel afraid and that you prefer not to tell your partner everything that has happened because you are afraid of losing them. However, if you tell the truth you'll have many options to have a second chance.

It's a matter of time that you end up discovering everything and it will be better for you if you tell them. 


Today will be a day in which uncertainty will be the protagonist of your workday.

After presenting your idea to your superiors, thinking about something else will be the most complicated and you will think over and over again about the arguments that you gave them to defend your project, thinking that perhaps your speech could have been better.

Don't worry anymore and trust the stars, who were there to help you when you needed it the most. You have already done the difficult thing and the answer won't take long.

Even if the hours pass at a soporific pace, rest assured that what you are waiting for will not be bad news at all.



After an episode like yesterday, the feeling of tiredness will be your faithful companion during today. You have a bittersweet feeling mentally and worries are starting to take over your mind, causing you to waste energy.

The first thing you should do if you want to feel better is to put your ideas in order and solve the conflicts you have. It will be then when you'll be able to begin to see some results: you will stop feeling so tired and you will even sleep better.