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The Thursday January 18th Virgo Horoscope

The complete prediction about love, money and health
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Due to some circumstances in your life, both yours and an old couple's way will be put together again. The fact of meeting this person will leave a bittersweet feeling in you, because on the one hand, you are glad to see them again. On the other hand, you will be sick of nostalgia by remembering old times. 

Relationships themself create a world and, even though common sense states we must move on and fix our lives up again, you will feel the love call again which one day took control over you. It is said that where there was fire, ashes always remain, and you will not hesitate to assure this quote. 


We do not tend to realize it, but sometimes we assume that little expenses which, done regularly, may sum a great amount of money by the end of the month. These expenses are the reason of your common headaches. Once you find out you can get rid of them, you will save a great sum of money. Doing a very simple sum is the way to discover this. 

A good solution for this is to leave wallets and purses at home whenever you go out. Just get the necessary money before crossing the door to avoid temptation. If you do not have any of it with you, you will have nothing to spend. 



For a Virgo, the illnesses and diseases psychological side is what creates more worries. You are scared of thinking what can happen to you and not knowing if you will be able to go through it or not is becoming unpleasant. 

You cannot help focusing all your attention to other things. That is why you do not see that this is not the appropriate way to face certain situations. Remember that the way to bear some situations is more important than we tend to think because it affects a lot what is to happen.