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The Wednesday January 17th Virgo Horoscope

The stars predictions for Virgo
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There are times in which words, simply, do not come to us. Never mind how many thought we have and how well prepared you have the discourse in your mind, you will end up blocked. Today you will have to cope with it but do not hurry, this will be a long-term issue. 

It is possible that you are not capable of showing your thoughts because something tells you that what you will speak out is not what you really want or because you are afraid of what may come after. 

An engagement is not a bad thing and does not mean neither the beginning or the end of anything. Do not listen to others speaking about it and let yourself follow the way of your heart. 



Yesterday you surprised your friends and today you will do so with your colleagues. During the day you will talk about something in which you will have a lot to say. 

The idea they had on you will, for sure, change positively. Your relationship with all of them will be different: you will no longer be one of the shies one and you will become part of a work team in which you will know someone very beneficial to you. 



After a long night in which you found it difficult to sleep, any little symptom will scare you. Some pain or any prick does not have to mean something necessarily: it will surely be something brief going through your organism and it will go away very soon. 

If you maintain your mind occupied by taking care of your body and focusing on the movements you do, you will find out that there is nothing to worry about

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