November Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Growing from certainty

The month that starts can bring you positive things, Virgo, but to take advantage of everything good that comes to your life, you need to face a process of certainty loss and confusion increase that makes you renew your spiritual force. 

The first days of the month you'll feel everything shaking under your feet, but love and happiness lead you to rebuild your comfort zone to make it stronger. On Monday 5th will arrive the end of a stability period in which you felt safe: you need to bring back control and maturity. 

You are going to live difficult moments that week: On the 6th you'll feel sensitive and vulnerable to jealousy and envy. On the 7th the ghosts from the past will come back, and on the 8th irritation and bad mood threaten to ruin your plans. The weekend of the 10th and 11th the stars invite you to look for inner virtues and to put into practice the power of love. 

The week in the middle of the month is for reflection: you enter an introspective parenthesis in which you must rationalize your emotions: on the 14th you are going to have to face a failed love, but you should avoid pessimism. On the 16th you need to free energy, the weekend of the 17th-18th reinforce family bonds. 

On Tuesday 20th, again, insecurity appears, and during the week you will feel the need to open up to new sensations and your environment to grow from personal security. On the weekend of 24-25 November, you will receive the impulse of love and friendship to face the last week with problems but with determination. 

Money: Dynamism and creativity

This month of November, Virgos can find success from dynamism, evolution, and creativity. On the contrary, stagnation can lead to mental block and frustration. 

The beginning of the month will be vertiginous in the professional area and requires to give the best of you. Creativity knocks on the doors of Virgo on day 1 and 3, and on Sunday the 4th you need to change your leisure time to productive time.

The need for correction and perfection on the 6th and the energy and concentration on day 7 define tendencies in a productive week in which risk can open opportunities. Some days marked as the 5 and the 10 you will feel the risk of the mental block, which forces you to rebuild strategies from day 11.

The week 12-18 November will be special: look for inner strength, show your overwhelming side, expand your versatility, take distance to improve quality and use your ingenuity and the power of teamwork. Evolution will continue in week 19-25 with the arrival of good news on the 22nd. 

The last days of the month could be conflictive at work. On the 29th you'll have some arguments with colleagues and superiors: it's advisable that you face problems from humbleness. On day 30, Virgos without a job will start a cycle change: look at December with anticipation. 

Health: Prevention as a cure

Some symptoms warn you of the need for improving your health through prevention measures, and that demands more attention and dedication. 

Although you'll start the month with a feeling of dynamism that comes from the influence of the Sun, you'll feel a joint and muscular pain that you must face with natural remedies. On day 5 change routines to find more dynamism and start the week fighting against tiredness and improving your mood. 

On the 6th avoid fatty and spicy food and on the 8th increase iron and calcium. The spiritual renovation and positive thoughts will be a powerful agent against infections on the 10-11 weekend. The week from the 12th to the 18th you'll have to face some problems in your mouth, in the lower part of your back and an infection in the respiratory tract. 

The week 19-25 November is going to be complicated, there will be a risk of catching a cold, but everything will go well if you find the balance, you open up to natural therapies, and you are more disciplined in prevention