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Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for October

Your Horoscope for October 2018
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Love: A few weeks for introspection

The first weeks will be a bit unstable for the heart of Virgos, who have to concentrate on building a solid environment to rely on. During the early days of October, you'll have an excess of energy that you have to channel positively. 

The week from 8 to 14 will start with emotional blockages, lousy mood, and arguments that make you have to take control of your life urgently.  Don't be afraid of taking some time for yourself; some introspection won't hurt. Beware: On the 13th don't rush into trusting people you've just met!

From day 15 onwards you have to work with yourself to resolve some spiritual issues and grow as a person. The influence of the moon on Virgo reinforces that more introspective character on the 16th and little by little you will see how tensions give way to positive feelings.

The fourth week of October will be for you to plan your way to happiness, which will end at the weekend: a mixture of harmony between your satisfaction, your self-esteem, your circles of friends and your love, place you in the perfect moment.

Money: Discover your talents

The first week will be to take advantage of opportunities you'll have at work and in the economy, Virgo, and even though in the economy the tendency will be progressive, in the aspect of work things might get complicated. The first weekend will be good for business and trade.

On Monday 8th, a bad tendency at work will be confirmed, so from Tuesday you should start thinking about starting a personal project, recover hope and avoid frustration. In those days begins a moderate growth that you must maintain with savings and planning.

On the weekend of the 13-14 opens a period of uncertainty in finances, but job offers begin to arrive. The week from 15 to 21 you have to fight boredom and routine at work gaining self-esteem and satisfaction with your creativity. Discover your hidden talents.

The unexpected events that can appear you have to face them with calm. The week from the 22 to the 28 is to set goals, plan and give your economic life some realism and pragmatism. On the 31st, Virgos without a job will have excellent news. 

Health: Looking for balance

The first week of October will be a warning: weakness in the body, low defenses, colds, muscular pain, back pain, discomfort in the joints and if that weren't enough, nerves and stress.

The second week of October has to be the one of useful purposes. You have to look for balance. For example, your diet will be an excellent start to strengthen your body. From day 11 some digestive problems will start that will make you realize that you have to eat better. 

On the 14th you have to release nerves and improve your health with one of the best medicines: sex.

But the third week will be especially complicated because the levels of nerves and anxiety will increase. On day 16 the moon offers you some peace and some energy, take advantage of it to start a process of relaxation and meditation. The 22nd must be a day of inflection: the stars invite you to cleanse your body and soul.

If you clean all your being you will gain self-esteem and optimism to face the end of the month in a very good health condition. Days 26, 27, and 31 will be perfect for detoxification and quitting bad habits



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