Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for September

Your Horoscope for September 2018
SeptemberHoroscope | Joan marc

- Love: A month full of emotional setbacks
- Money: Expansive month in your economy
- Health: Bring good habits back

Love: A month full of emotional setbacks

September will be a retrograde month for love for Virgo, but be careful: you mustn't take that as a strictly negative factor. It's actually a fascinating challenge because you can take advantage of the situation to evolve internally. 

When you're in a moment of setback, it only means that you're going to find yourself with more difficulties. But the stars don't determine an absolute failure, but they offer you opportunities to improve and overcome obstacles. 

From day 1, for example, you'll suffer a regressive process in regards to your friends that will last some days and that will make you do an introspective exercise. On day 9 someone will give you so much generosity back, but on the 13th you'll again have some problems with someone close to you. A great betrayal on the 28th will make you stop trusting in friendship.

With respect to your partner, the end of the month will be very positive, because on the 29th you'll realize that everything in your world revolves around them and you'll get to the highest point of complicity, but on the way there will be hard and problematic days: watch out on the 5, 7, 10, 14 and 22.

At the emotional level, it will be a month full of ups and downs that will require you to take control of your feelings. The 12th will be the peak when you will feel unstoppable.

Money: Expansive month in your economy

The Virgos are in luck: whatever recessive September may be in love, it will be in expansion for the economy. And that will translate into good luck for business, a moderate increase in purchasing power, and new job opportunities.

For example, on day 1 you'll receive quite a few professional offers and on the 7th there will be positive changes for Virgos with University education. On the 3rd you'll have an enormous influence on your work, and days 10 and 11 will be very productive if you know how to adapt to changes and get the best out of you. On the 16th you'll have a rebound of luck in business and investments, which will be repeated on the 27th.

However, on the 24th you begin to notice a marked change in trend, for which your economy begins to suffer a setback. The working instability, accentuated from day 29, will require you to start thinking about a plan B.

Health: Bring good habits back

On the 5th September, some symptoms you have will remind you that the health is whimsical and fragile if you're not more disciplined you can go back to some problems.

That is why the month of September will be the suitable one so that Virgos recover good habits. 

On the 6th, coffee and toxic substances can worsen your state of health, and for the 8th, the forecast is serious problems with your diet: Forget about fast food! On the 10th, you won't have many defenses so you'll be exposed to viruses. That vulnerability is repeated on the 19th, and on the 25th you run the risk to fall into temptations and vices again.

On the contrary, however, the stars will send you signs so you can improve your health and equilibrate your mind. On day 4 achieve pleasure through your senses and on day 7 increase the intensity of physical exercise. Your mental strength allows you to recover some of your health on days 11 and 12, and you go into a period of balance and optimism that will last some days. During the last two weeks, you'll have some days of energy supply that can be very useful for you.