Virgo Daily Horoscope
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In order to cope with certain realities, you must adjust your romantic expectations. Otherwise, you might face a series of consequences, small disappointments that will only make you more pessimistic: things will go from bad to worse. 

Every time you have high hopes, someone ends up betraying you.  This is why you need to take refuge in your own principles and values. When everything seems to come crumbling down your inner world and your support system will provide an important safe haven for you to recover. 


Collaboration and cooperation are the best strategies for dealing with the lack of energy and the blockages you've been experiencing lately; by working in a team, you have more chances of wrapping up an unfinished project or starting a new one. 

Any learning process requires being humble, growth cannot happen if you only focus on yourself. You're incredibly consistent in your efforts which takes you closer to excellence, but you also have traits that could cause you to fail.  

Becoming aware of the inner workings of your being will be the premise of personal development, which will happen once you learn to incorporate new collaborative strategies and information in the way you tackle your work. 


Your entire body seems to be going through a relaxing phase, you can finally enjoy some comfort. If you are a native of the Virgo sign that has issues with joint pain, you could experience acute discomfort in the lower part of your body.  

In case you suffer from varicose veins, remember the importance of losing weight and make sure you take measures to improve your circulation. Today's advice: take Scottish showers (a type of shower where you alternate between hot and cold water) to improve your body's blood flow.

Another trick is to wear loose pants that allow your leg circulation to run freely. Walk for half an hour each day and elevate your feet whenever you're sitting down; two small exercises you can do to improve the situation.