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In order to deal with the contradiction between wanting to experience new adventures but also needing to be safe from failure, you must bring our the wisdom within, dear Virgo. Staying protected can help fuel your dreams. 

This week's forecast introduces frustrating situations for Virgos (in their personal lives), but at the same time, it brings an unstoppable desire to take on the world and experience it from a whole new perspective. 

The same way that you need to protect yourself from being deceived, you must also try to avoid wasting all your energy on exaggerated fears. 


Some of the things you've done in your workplace could do with a thorough evaluation. Although you'll immediately think of failure, you must remain positive: there is always the option of correcting any mistake you make. Change is a great available option, it's up to you to make the most of it. 

Avoid getting into conflict with those around you and try to stay clear of behaviors that could be interpreted as arrogant, it will only highlight any mistake you may have made. The intelligent move here is to be humble and discreet. 

Certain resources that you thought were useless are now incredibly useful and successful strategies from the past are now obsolete. When you fail to reach one of your goals you must change your attitude as well as your modus operandi. Accept the challenge and remember to always stay positive!


It's obvious that you need to have a dynamic life, you need to keep both your body and your mind active. There is something that you do need to keep in mind for today: you run the there is a risk of injuring your legs and feet. 

The position of the planets ensures that the rest of your body stays free of pain, but these days you will experience leg pain and toward the end of today you may have small accidents. Minimize your risks if you don't want to end up in the hospital. 

All the activities that you can perform sitting down, try and do with little to no pressure on your legs. If you intend to exercise, it would be better to walk than to run, and above all, avoid any dangerous activities.