Virgo Daily Horoscope
Virgo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The planets' forecast for today indicates that Virgo natives will be influenced by their surroundings in a particular way. Your open chakras make you highly receptive, but at the same time, sensitive and your reactions could vary from affection to aggression. 

Opting for moderation is an intelligent solution: you avoid conflict, and by controlling your emotions and closing the energy channels you will keep yourself safe. 

However, it could result more fruitful if you took advantage of those channels and attracted positive energies. Use the intelligence Mercury has endowed you with and filter through the bad energies to find the beneficial ones. 


Depending on how well you receive feedback and if you can overcome your ego, today you'll be able to use positive criticism to your advantage and improve your job performance. It might be difficult to believe, but not everyone wants to get ahead at your expense.  

Sometimes, those around you are just good people, hard workers like you who want to help and offer their point of view. Aside from being a hard-working perfectionist, you also need to move past what's right and what's wrong and know how to gain people's admiration; humility will help you cope with the criticism. 

Prove your abilities as an excellent observer and join in on the exchange of ideas; it will strengthen your team and ensure future collective victories that surpass individual acclaim. 


Considering the recent cold temperatures, the viruses going around and your low immune system (due to the frailness of your energy channels) you will be vulnerable to catching colds or the flu. 

The planets warn native Virgos about their high chances of illness, but if you follow a few simple tricks, you can mitigate those effects. Did you know that washing your hands reduces the chances of disease by 40%? Feet are just as important, so remember to keep them warm. 

Remember to keep a safe distance when talking to other people, the nose and mouth are exposed to microbes. Rest, try not to drink alcohol and smoke, and stay clear of infections by avoiding closed and crowded places, such as the metro or the bus.