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Compared to last week, when you were given a chance to feel hopeful about love once again, this Monday sets the tone for a problematic week. You will feel the jealousy and mistrust of the past, and you'll be reminded that love needs constant attention. 

If you stay positive you'll see that all these routine problems have easy solutions, you are now stronger and more prepared than ever, Virgo. 

Try to make use of all the knowledge you've acquired during this month of personal growth as well as what you have learned about you as a couple. Solve all your differences with calm and use the language of love and affection when dealing with negative emotions. 


You are not a machine, Virgo, and most of your mistakes come from the fear of not being good enough. Being the best has a lot to do with perspective as well: it's a subjective quality, and you're the one raising the bar too high. 

This week you will have new projects and professional ventures that will make you feel hopeful once again. Use this moment to start believing in yourself more and to loosen the strict grip you have on things. 

If you stop being so demanding with yourself, you'll be able to see things from a new perspective and cherish your success more from a standpoint of modesty and humility. 


You are at risk of neglecting certain health aspects, Virgo. Perhaps it's because of new life projects, or because of a stressful Monday at work, but you are letting certain routines slip. 

Now is the time to find out what problems you have, or better yet, what you could improve about your health. If everything is ok, then it will be your priority to stick to the three most important elements of a healthy life: a balanced diet, rest and exercise. 

You might feel exhausted during the day, so we recommend a good dose of vitamins and nutrients from healthy sources, such as a healthy diet. Stay away from supplements as most of the time they only have a placebo effect.