Virgo Daily Horoscope
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Turning your present happiness into a circle of security depends, today, on your strength and your courage to repel the ghosts of the past: to tell yourself that nothing can harm you. The threat will be constant because past traumas insist on coming back to ruin everything.

Don't be afraid; you have all the stars on your side: a positive flow of energy comes to help you to block bad experiences from the past. But you must contribute projecting your mind to the future, and using your optimism so that you don't fall into temptations. 

If you are in a stable relationship, prioritize that stability by preventing it from wobbling over things that are part of your past. If you are starting in a relationship, it might be time to breathe and dedicate more time to do introspection and close some doors definitely before opening others. 


The advance of particular difficulties in recovering your confidence and your more professional profile will lead to more mistakes and complete discouragement. It's up to you to keep falling downhill or stop the fall with more determination, more energy at work and more concentration.

False hopes and that fantasy bubble where you've been setting yourself comfortably will only bring you more relax and indifference, in a moment in which you need to wake up and get your act together. 

Ignore specific promises and projects that don't have a strong base.


Chance will play a significant role today as rector of your state of health, which is not something positive, Virgo: it forces you to be more alert than ever to the consequences of certain acts.

You don't need to live afraid or to create a paranoia that something is going to happen to you. If you do some exercise, or in your free time or at work, take the security measures into account and duplicate attention in your movements.

If you have to move by car, be careful with distractions. Apart from that, the day will go by calmly.