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Virgo Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Today is a day to open your senses to everything around you, Virgo, to live a radical life and don't miss anything. If you know how to prioritize your spirit, your souls, your senses and stop being so rational, so cold, so simple, it can be a very productive and exciting day.

You've been asking yourself for ages what happiness is and being consumed by the anxiety of continually thinking if you're happy. But the truth is that you put your own limits to your happiness when you try to approach every aspect of your life and every day as if everything had to be reasoned.

The meaning of life is magic, Virgo, and some things don't have an explanation, and they don't even deserve one. They only ask that you confront them in an energetic, positive, sincere way, that you dare to do those things that you never dared to do. And that you dare to make a mistake because the secret also lies in the error...


Regarding money, you also should put an end to that demand that has made you a grey, stressed and obsessed person. As long as you know how to take advantage of today's small opportunities, you will make small signs of progress that will make you feel satisfied.

It will also be a day of generosity at work. Stop demands, forget about stress and the responsibilities of the moment, and focus on doing your job well without forgetting about the solidarity among colleagues. 

If someone close to you is in need, it would be great if you offered your help.


Be alert to your body's warnings, because you aren't at your best and may go back to an infectious disease.

The Virgos that are in the process of recovery from colds, pneumonia, flu and similar, may feel a bit weak today. That is why it's indispensable to lift your spirits.

Remember that the most important thing now is to give your body the rest it deserves, and at the same time to face the day with a good mood and positivity.

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