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You have to lower your control and power over your partner to achieve a symmetrical, horizontal relationship in which you both find a space of comfort. Otherwise, in the next few days increased tension and mutual dissatisfaction can explode into a serious problem.

Changing these circumstances won't be difficult, Virgo, but you must be ready for them. You have to find other forms of relationship with your partner and, above all, seek the real and sincere connection that puts you in contact naturally and not through domination.

During today, Virgos will have some tendency to aggressiveness. Try to surround yourself with calm and peaceful people who can nuance that excess energy of today.


Work is too much for you, Virgo, and the week has been so full of work that you get to the end of it without any strength. Try to solve your problems at work in your workplace, avoid taking the problems home. 

On the other hand, today ambition and social climbing can betray you, Virgo. It's time to be calm and relaxed because your progress at work is positive. If you wait for your moment with patience and constancy, it will come, and everything will go perfectly well. 

But if you try to get to the top too fast, you might fall. 


Anxiety is one of the main problems that is threatening your health.

Oriental philosophies are often useful to us as a method to relax and find a path of fullness and tranquility. It is highly recommended that you delve, for example, into the teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism.

This kind of Buddhism is a breathing technique: sit down in the lotus flower position in an environment prepared for meditation. Inhale very deeply and at long intervals, and exhale as you let thoughts cross your mind without making them appear.

With these exercises, you can end up finding a point between the conscience and the dream that allow you to relax and focus on your inner self and your mind.