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Wishing for something very hard sometimes helps to get what you hoped for, but in your case and in this moment, Virgo, it only serves to block the path to its attainment. That's why the advice of the stars is to stay calm and let time run in your favor.

Dreaming and wishing isn't bad. The problem is when it becomes an obsession, Virgo, when you turn these wishes into a continuous thought and, in the end, in a craze. 

Relax and let things happen. Try to go against the disposition of the stars; now, it's not a good idea. Good things will come and sooner than you think. Until then, you need patience, confidence, and peace. 

In your friendship with a close person to you, you are generating unclear feelings that will be prejudicial for both of you. Priority: Abandon that desire and let responsibility guide you. 


Responsibility is the key for Virgo in the family economy, at work and in financial operations and business. 

At work, you need to concentrate more on what you're doing. They are annoyed and restless up there, and it isn't recommended that you show certain attitudes. Correctness in your job and perseverance in your tasks will demonstrate a commitment to the company.

Also in the economy, you must show more restraint. Being responsible, in this case, involves setting your priorities and knowing how to postpone some purchases and acquisition of services that will only be an unassumable expense now.

In financial operations and business, adventures can be very clear today. 


The workload, stress and some bad postures make you have pain in your back and your neck. The pain in the neck could make you feel dizzy.

Correct bad postures at work and, if you feel a lot of pain and you feel dizzy, use an orthopedic collar to help keep rigidity.

In extreme cases, it's best to ask for the day off and avoid any kind of efforts. Don't put your body to the limit, Virgo, don't play with that.