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The stars put you in contact today with unpleasant situations and people with a pessimistic character that passes on discomfort and discouragement. Break that negative circle, Virgo: learn to be alone or surrounded by few people.

Optimism is a valuable source of energy for today. But it's also a scarce source and it won't be difficult to find it. 

Keep that combative and tenacious spirit that you have had since Monday. You need to be strong, Virgo, because good things won't come on their own. 


Peace and quiet is the recipe for today. There are still some problems at work and you still haven't got the income that you expected. As if that weren't enough, some mistakes in operations and tasks are taking their toll on you, and it's easy for you to suffer a downturn in your mood.

But your economy is still stable and it tends to grow, and there aren't any problems coming. On the contrary, You're going to live a definitive turn that will increase your benefits.

You just need to be patient and be careful with that temperamental personality of yours that makes you make mistakes sometimes. It's not the time to show weakness, it's time to show strength.


The weakness in your organism has as a consequence the weakness of your hair and your nails. You'll know because your hair will lose shine and homogeneity and, in the worst of the cases, it falls. Your nails have a pale color with some white marks. 

Hair and nails feed on blood, so if you try to solve the problem with beauty tricks you won't solve the problem.

The key is in food and in the reinforcement of iron and vitamin levels. It is important that your diet has more and more presence of vegetables and also add to your salads and recipes red and orange vegetables, which are rich in vitamin A, C, and E.

Citrus fruits will ensure the presence of vitamin C and collagen for your nails: you can file them with some lemon. The iron in the legumes and the omega-3 in the fish will complete a balanced diet to begin to correct these problems in your hair and nails.