Virgo Daily Horoscope
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After some weeks of hesitation, the time has come to focus on your dreams and on making them real. You have the coincidence of the stars and your protective angels: get rid of your fears and be happy.

Remember that the important things aren't usually at the end, in the finish line, they are in the way to get there, and it's usually full of interesting people and important experiences. 

Today your mind is exceptionally clear, and your spirits are sky-high. Make the most of it.


In the face of desperation for a deal that has gone wrong or the worsening of your economic situation, you can resort to the power of magic. Did you know that you can attract money with cinnamon, an orange, and water?

Boil a liter of water with some cinnamon and orange peels, and let it cool. Put the mixture in a sprinkler and sprinkle it around the rooms of the house while repeating a prayer in which you claim the assistance of money and abundance.

Ask the entities to clear your path. You need to have a green candle lit to call the angels of light in your assistance. Through the will of your spirit, you can reach them for the realization of desire. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the ideal days.

Trust in the power of the stars, which are moving slowly but favorably to open those positive channels for abundance.


Be careful! Virgos will suffer from significant stomach instability, with a deterioration of the intestinal flora that can make problems of diarrhea and strong pains appear. That can change your routines and make your day to day difficult, that's why it's necessary that you do something about it as soon as possible. 

If you have the intestine swollen, the mint tea and the chamomile tea are very effective natural remedies. The properties of marshmallow are also beneficial, as an anti-inflammatory, relaxing and disinfectant. 

If you have gas or inflammation, papaya is ideal. On the other hand, the banana is a rich proportioner of potassium and prebiotic (components that help the probiotics) to recover the good state of your intestinal flora. To combat diarrhea, apple syrup, fennel, and guava leaves go very well.

Don't forget that probiotics are the most effective remedy to restore the health of your intestines.