Virgo Daily Horoscope |



To face this Monday you have to collect all the energy accumulated over the weekend and remember that it is still essential to get up in a good mood and a lot of optimism.

During today some people will try to make it difficult for you, but you should not fall into provocations.

As you learn to deal with your personal frustration and the betrayals of others, or with people who try to put obstacles in the way of your happiness, you will have a very quiet day of personal satisfaction.

But if you don't have patience and let nervousness and anger take over you, you'll give your opponents more arguments to go against you. Just go on with your life and ignore the bad intentions.


The stars demand some generosity towards others.

The good news is that you're starting to get your head above the water in economic matters,  and that affects your mood positively. 

You must face the day optimistically. Your day might not be very good at work, and you'll feel stressed and nervous.

However, you have to face these obstacles with a lot of patience. Determination will be your best ally today. 

Virgos that are waiting for an answer to start a job have a lot of chances of being accepted because the stars foresee the beginning of a new job. 


The day will go by very quickly for physical activities, so you can take advantage of this agility to give your body some movement, which will do you no harm.

The stars foresee that these days yous metabolism will slowly change and you might feel some loss of appetite or vice-versa, you might want to eat more than you usually eat. You must keep anxiety at bay, and you have to make an effort to be relaxed. 

If something isn't as you expected, don't exasperate, Virgo. The time will come to reap the fruits of so much effort, but for now, you have to be calm and confident.