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Astral prediction for Virgo for Thursday 1st February

Magical Horoscope Prediction for Virgo | Magical Horoscope


Forgetting is not something that comes overnight. It is a slow process that requires a certain time for each person. When you go through a complicated, difficult and painful situation, we have the feeling that it is never going to end, but nothing could be further from the truth.

It is true that the perception of time becomes slower and that makes us believe that the pain will last forever, but nothing is further from the truth. Other difficult situations that you have experienced throughout your life have been left behind, so this bad experience you have had with the person who you shared your life with will also end up being forgotten.

Do not despair and above all, do not force yourself. Take your time to overcome it and rely on your loved ones.


You want to go further and focus on activities that keep you busy or entertained as much as possible. Today you will probably decide to spend the day informing yourself about volunteering activities, such as collaborating with an organization or an association close to the place where you live or even international.

You will be attracted by the idea of meeting new people and doing your bit for a cause that could change some people’s lives. Now that the month has just started you have no financial problems in sight, you may even decide to set aside a small part of your salary for a good cause.


Sexual health is probably one of the aspects you care less about, since you do not usually worry about it unless you have an obvious ailment.

Despite what you think, the field of influence of this aspect goes further; having good sexual health depends on several factors, including the psychological one.

In this sense stress tends to wreak havoc because it is the cause of your feared loss of sexual desire. If you want to remedy this situation, you must begin to solve the underlying problem.

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