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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Sunday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 25th February
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When looking for a partner, you have a problem, Virgo, you tend to create expectations about that person that are not real. As you get to know that person and you realize that they don't match that image that you had formed of him or her, you are not interested anymore.

For you, the physical appearance isn't everything and that's something very positive. However, being interested only in the intellectual level of a person is just as dangerous as not being able to look beyond the appearance. You're being too demanding and you're believing too much those stories you keep creating in your head.


Your memories are very close to certain objects, such as your first car, that furniture you bought when you became independent or even some toys from your childhood.

All of them have a strong emotional bond with you and that is why it's so hard for you to let go of them. However, the time has come for you to start to get rid of some things, like that bicycle that you haven't used for years and that you could sell.

If you add new elements into your life, you will build new memories and you'll also help to remove those bad energies that certain material goods transmit to your life.


It's been a long time now when you stopped trying to shape up but today you'll think about it again. A colleague or a close friend may show you an alternative way of doing exercise that you will like a lot. 

The idea of using a phone app, doing a complete unknown activity for you or even joining a group of people that practice a group sport will seem the best idea for you. 

They have told you that for someone who doesn't really like sports, with 150 minutes of exercise a month it will be more than enough. Why don't you try it?

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