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Saying yes to everything could bring you some very bad consequences. You'll think that love is really complicated but this time, you were asking for it.

You may have created some expectations about you that you don't seem capable of fulfilling and that's why you react in the worst of the ways. You will have to find balance and let the common sense do the rest. 


If you can't complete a task that isn't your obligation to do, don't worry. It's not fair for you to take a reprimand or for you to feel guilty, as you would feel if you hadn't kept a vital promise.



The fact of belonging to a small company with a great tradition prevents you from living great changes and it's a matter of time before the feeling that your professional aspirations are frustrated appears.

Although job stability is a highly valued asset today, you will want to leave your comfort zone and invest a large part of the day in finding that way to progress in your job.

A training course or learning a new language can open up new professional paths. Don't hesitate to dedicate part of your day studying all the possibilities that you have, you may discover a new vocation.


You prefer the food you eat outside your house than the food that you cook. When you go to a restaurant you usually ask for the dishes you could make yourself at home and you are a person with very specific culinary tastes. Trying new flavors is not something you need to do. 


While at home you are sure that all the ingredients are in good condition, when you go to a restaurant you always take the risk that something is in poor condition.

Be careful with the place you choose to visit today; a food contamination could leave you out of the game for the entire weekend.