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Virgo Magic Horoscope for September 19

Daily Prediction for Wednesday
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Virgos have an urgent challenge today: to be themselves. Lately, you're playing a part that doesn't belong to you and that, in addition, is too much for you. The consequence is that without noticing, you're getting away from your closest circle, who see you as a stranger. 

Recover the generosity and vitality that give you personality, accept your shortcomings and try to evolve enhancing your virtues. Try to be yourself at all times and control situations from your personality, not the other way round.

Today will be a day full of reencounters for Virgo, which can activate the most melancholic and nostalgic side. Take advantage of the moments with your relatives and your friends. 


Accepting the new position where you are now is a necessity right now. Only when you begin to assume where you are will you be able to reorganize your strengths, act accordingly and get the best out of you to deal with the situation.

Otherwise, if you live acting as if nothing happened and with the same routines as before, all your efforts will be in vain because your energy isn't well focused and it doesn't solve the problems that you have now.  Be intelligent and add to your work the importance of efficiency. 

The day will go by at work with more than a fright that the Virgo will have to know how to face. To solve the problems it's necessary that today you use your strongest mentality, trying to overcome all the obstacles, with self-confidence.


Keep in mind the health of those around you, especially your family, because today someone may need you to give them a hand. On the other hand, protect yourself from bacteria and viruses that you can catch from others.

Your immune system is a bit vulnerable so all precautions are not enough to avoid catching a cold or catching other diseases.

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