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Virgo Daily Prediction for 20 September

Thursday’s Virgo Forecast
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Some grey, long and thick clouds will sieve over your mood today and they'll slowly take you to the depression area. You will be invaded by nostalgia that will suck a lot of your energy up and you may feel episodes of acute apathy, even muscular numbness.

It's necessary that you come out from there as soon as possible. The position of the planets indicates that you can go into a depression and negative feelings spiral, from which it will be difficult for you to come out. That is why you should make an effort to try and be ok. 

Move bad thoughts away, avoid experiences that could end up in failure or disappointment, share time with people who make you feel good. Become the owner of the situation and recover.


The efforts you are making to control your expenses, save more, keep accounts written-off, work more disciplined, put energy into what you do, think positive and recognize the position in which you are is working.

You may think that this recovery is slow. But the results are there and they are the result of your effort. You'll feel that the economy is starting to stabilize and that at work you're starting to feel more comfortable and agiler, which will make you win in self-esteem. 

The Virgos that work in physical tasks have to go to work with extra energy, because it will be hard work and it looks like the body isn't completely ready.  You have to be mentally prepared before leaving the house!


You have several open fronts that are generating an emotional overload too great for a single person, which is complicating, even more, the issue of the nerves, which you have been dragging for a long time. It's urgent that you put a stop to this nervousness.

In another order of things, Virgos may feel pain in the part of the legs, especially in the thighs, which should be avoided by not doing any over-efforts.

The muscular system, in particular, could then be resentful. It's a problem that the Virgos have been dragging for days, so resting is a priority this week.

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