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Virgo Prediction for 21 September

Your Horoscope for Friday
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The feelings for today for Virgos that are at the beginning of a relationship will be of anguish and worrying, because it looks like things are going too slow and it tends to get stuck.  It doesn't matter, change strategy, Virgo, you have more than enough means. 

If you feel that the conversations are too dull, look for less serious topics with which the other person feels relaxed.  If you're transmitting too many nerves and activity to the relationship, relax and behave with more caution. 

Furthermore, follow the regressive trend in your social relationships, with some exception. But today is one of those days that you feel an involution and an introspective impulse that invites you to isolation. 


In regards to money, Virgos will feel a great relief for the first time in many days. The joy can be temporary, it can even seem ridiculous, but as small as the change is, you should take it as an opportunity to, little by little, get back on your feet. 

Good luck is here at last, especially in speculative economy and chance. It will be something fleeting but it can bring you good returns, so don't wait any longer. Do it in moderation: your economy doesn't depend on that.

Today your day at work will be full of obstacles. A hard day that you'll have to endure with good energy, positivity, and a more intelligent strategy when performing your tasks. If you want to change the bad results, you should change the perspective and the strategy. 


Virgos have a lot of energy today, and that includes positive energy sources and negative vibrations. That is why they should focus on balancing their world and finding the key to control their energies. 

Physical exercise can be an excellent way to eliminate bad energies, apart from a lot of other benefits. If you go out for a run today, you're going to feel a lot more active, and the satisfaction with yourself will multiply. 

You can also try with a cleansing of your aura. Find out which the best therapies to cleanse and purify your spirit are: you can try Oriental therapies such as Reiki, but also with simple actions such as listening to music or bathing your body with salt water.

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