Virgo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you'll have enough time to spend with your family, but you need a bit of more emphasis on the time you dedicate to your beloved ones. You have to spend quality time with your partner and your children, if you have any, remembering the old times when you were more united. 

On the other hand, today you can have more than one argument with a friend but, when you look at things in the distance, and you see everything with perspective, you'll realize that it's only a silly thing. The best thing will be that you both back down and you agree on a truce in this absurd argument.

Apart from that, today you'll temporarily abandon that self-esteem fall that made you feel ridiculous about everything you did. Now you feel stronger and more comforted.


Today a period of working instability opens for Virgo. Everything might end in nothing, and you keep your job, but these days you'll hear rumors in the company, and it will end up making you unstable.

Today, you must be patient and calm, and hopeful: if you work more consistently and demonstrate the high standards of yourself that have worked so well for you, you have a better chance of keeping your job.

However, the stars advise you to think about a plan B. If things go wrong, it won't hurt to start looking for a job and have this possibility covered. Maybe it'll help you evolve in your career. Take it as a challenge.


At this time it's more necessary than ever that you find some way to stabilize your mind. You need a lot of strength and energy, and sometimes you don't have to wait for everything to fall from the sky: recover and gather strength within yourself.

The pain you'll feel in your lower back is only going to bother you a little bit, probably a consequence of sleeping in a wrong position or a bad position while working. 

Don't let these little things impair your vitality and your desire to work. Make the most of the love of your loved ones as a vaccine against everything else.