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Virgo Daily Prediction for 25 September

Tuesday's Virgo Forecast
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You have everything you need to be happy, but for some reason, you're stuck in negativity. You're in a toxic storm in which past relationships, remorses, and betrayals don't allow the potential of your love to emerge.

Why don't you do an honesty exercise? Sometimes you don't do it for fear that the truth will ruin your relationship.

However, it can open you up little by little and express your feelings. As a starting point for a more sincere and transparent relationship, it can be a good start.


Today at work you are tempted to get carried away by fantasy and the abstract. Whatever your task is, remember that today's stars give Virgo limited creativity, which can result in dangerous vagueness if you try to bring out your temper.

You'd better save your creative side for another moment today and dedicate yourself to performing your tasks effectively. If you follow the recommendations of your superiors to the letter, you are much more likely to end up succeeding. It's about minimizing the margin of error.

Otherwise, it can be a very frustrating working day, with a consequent drop in self-esteem. That can be fought with a cool head, discipline, and obedience. You have the ability to carry out your tasks without having to use your imagination.


Temptation will be present in every moment, in everything you do. Virgos have a challenge today, and it's to face their forbidden desires and resist.  It won't be easy, so you have to mentally prepare yourself from the beginning. 

You have a very important challenge regarding food because you'll have to avoid a lot of temptations. In this case, you can afford a whim, but it will be better to avoid those small pleasures.

What you do need to be more assertive about is addictions. Keep your health stable and don't go back to the fragility of the past, it's up to you to keep your good habits, be strong, Virgo!

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