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Virgo Forecast for September 27

Prediction for Thursday
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Today everything will be positive, Virgo: love, work, health... Especially in the aspect of emotions, you will feel a vital injection of energy. So the day has to slip between two fundamental challenges: managing that energy and using it for something positive.

When it comes to feelings, you may feel a little more sensitive than usual at times, and that may translate into some anxiety and emotional ups and downs. Try to channel that sensitive impulse into positive elements such as self-esteem and happiness. 

If you manage your feelings well, the balance can be very comforting. Don't hesitate, live your life to the fullest and enjoy every experience. Be radically happy.


Money doesn't make happiness, but in your financial situation, you sometimes think that's an empty expression. And it's true; sometimes necessity makes us change our perspective on many things. But from time to time you have to think about it and see everything in perspective.

This is your case. The situation is changing in your favor so that you are less and less drowned and even see your numbers improve. That's a good sign.

But also, you enter a more introspective phase of your life, and that makes you power the spiritual over the material. That is why, without having to do without economic growth, you are giving more and more value to what you cannot put a price on.


Today, for most of the day, you'll be physically exhausted, but since you look more than healthy according to others and have good reserves of optimism and good energy, you'll get over it quickly. 

Focus your strength and energy only on those things that are worthwhile and do without the rest. If anyone tries to hurt you, ignore them. If someone gives you a good feeling, join them and be happy.

Virgos who are thinking of having a child, have a golden opportunity these days to give each other a lot of love and turn it into a human life: your fertility is skyrocketing.




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