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Virgo Horoscope for 28 September

Your Forecast for Friday
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The regressive period with your friends that you have been experiencing for some time now is becoming more and more a tendency to put friendship on hold and reinforce love as a couple. Today this process is going to be consolidated and will mean a before and after in your private life.

A painful betrayal from a close person will deepen your sense that at this point in your life you need to reduce your social life to your family nucleus and your partner. The trust that binds you to your better half is much stronger than what your friends seem to offer you. 

But you mustn't take things to the extreme. Sooner or later you'll end up needing your friends, especially when you need advice and help with a problem. Friendship is a priceless treasure, and you have to take care of it regardless of the circumstances.


If you are unemployed, you'll get some very strange job offers that have nothing to do with your training. At first, you may discard them immediately, but if you think about them, there may be some of them that you could do. 

You need willpower and inner energy to face a significant challenge. Learning a new profession, facing new tasks that you've never done before, will demand self-confidence, courage, and determination. 

Regarding business, some unforeseen events will force the Virgos to pay a significant amount of money. You have to put all your concentration into it and try to solve those difficulties in cold blood and a lot of logic.


Nervousness is still your concern, but if you manage to deal with it successfully, you can end the month of September in the most positive way for your health. Improving in all those aspects that now overwhelmed you has given you extra energy that has to help stabilize the min  d soon. 

The Virgos addicted to sweets today have to do an exercise of containment and dispense with whims like chocolate. Too much sugar could be dangerous today.


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