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Virgo Magic Horoscope for September 29

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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Virgos enter a new lunar phase that connects them a lot more with themselves. So, for example, if you are a Virgo woman, you can face a period of rethinking your femininity and explore some fields of your personality that as a woman you didn't know.

Your potential exceeds the limits that you impose yourself, and that limits you in a very negative way. You depend too much on your partner or your husband, and that makes you unable to develop your potential. Take advantage of this moment to strengthen your feminine spirit and empower yourself.

For the male Virgos, it's also an opportunity to redirect some aspects that could perhaps improve concerning their partners. Lowering the dominance situation and establishing a more horizontal relationship will help you discover a new personality in which you will be more comfortable.


The fluctuation of money increases today in the Virgos accounts, so you must reactivate your economic activity and encourage the maximum possible income. The stars open up the channels of abundance for the Virgins, and you must take advantage of it in your favor.

Avoid risky investments and reinforce those elements that you surely have. The productive economy today will give excellent results to the Virgos, while the financial economy can get you into some troubles of difficult solution.

For the younger Virgos, there may be some significant job offer related to the image. If you had thought about representation or modeling, perhaps it's your lucky day.


If you have had any risky sexual relationships, it's time to have a check-up. Some blood tests won't clear up your questions about your health, but they will also allow you to have more responsible relationships with others.

Also, Virgos should be careful with colds today. If you feel some pain in your throat, it means that you've already started the process, and if you still don't feel pain, take all possible precautions to avoid congestion. 

If you are in a viral process, you need to rest and infusions. Antibiotics won't help you at all; they will only weaken your body more. 


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