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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for Sunday February 18th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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Enjoying an afternoon with your partner and with another couple of friends will make you value even more the relationship you have with that person and realize that they have all the ingredients to be perfect for you.

You never understood those possessive reactions that others can have when they share their lives with someone, you're convinced that these dependent relationships that seem to go great when you see them together, deep down they hide serious problems.

If there is something you want above all, it is that both of you are as self-sufficient as possible and realizing that you have it will make you feel very happy.


You could become a real expert in marketing and advertisement if you wanted to. You have an extraordinary capacity for conviction and you manage to sell certain products with ease.

If you studied some courses about this topic you could have the chance of getting extra money. It would also be an added value that you could bring to your company and who knows if it could serve as a gateway to a better position.

Don't forget to present that proposal to your superiors, the positioning of the stars is very favorable these days and it will guide you towards the right path.


The volatility of your personality can manifest itself more strongly than ever today. Going from one extreme to the other without really knowing where you want to go or what you want to achieve will turn you upside down.

Just like a small child, you will feel like crying because you don't know what's wrong with you.

You may go through a mood that goes from the most explosive euphoria to the deepest sadness in a matter of seconds for no apparent reason.

It's evident that there is something that worries you a lot and until you discover it your mood will not improve.

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