Virgo Horoscope TODAY

23 Aug - 22 Sep

Virgo today: Your horoscope for the January 17, 2020

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You’re about to play detectives. You want to know everything about your partner but you won’t like everything you will be told. Some information will actually hurt you a bit.

Before questioning your partner about this issue, make sure you know all the truth. Doubt everything people tell you, you know how easily rumours change. If you decide to ask your partner directly, be subtle about it.

You need to be very careful and earn their trust, that’s the only way they will tell you about it (if there’s really something going on). The Stars advise you not to find anyone to blame, Virgo, everyone is a bit guilty of what happened.

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You’re going the opposite direction from the rest of the world, you wish to go somewhere but circumstances don’t help you get there. You will net to make a big effort if you want to meet your goals.

Or you could let life carry you away and try to get lucky in other areas you had never considered before. Maybe your economy will improve.

Stars advise you to take things easy these days. You should stop travelling every time you’re on holidays or you will have to stop choosing designer items for a while.


You will find it difficult to focus today, maybe you will commit some mistakes while checking your money. You could get scared when you see nothing makes sense in your bank account, next time look better and you will avoid an unnecessary fright.

If you’ve lost some item (such as a credit card), you will eventually find it as long as you don’t let nerves and stress take over.