Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Saturday 1st September

Full Prediction for Today, Saturday
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This Saturday with which we begin the month of September is foreseen a bit complicated for Virgos in the aspect of friendship. Specifically because a regressive period begins, which can also last a long time, in which social relationships get entangled and it's difficult for you to keep certain friends.

Like all regressive changes, you must take advantage of those positive factors that allow you to evolve as a person, Virgo. To begin with, you should prioritize aspects in your life, and perhaps at this time, friends aren't the most important thing. Your stability goes through other factors.

However, it's evident that we all need a group of friends that makes us feel accompanied. Dedicate time only to those people who are worth it. Reduce your group of friends to the truly essential ones.


It's a very productive day for Virgos in the professional aspect. Those natives of Virgo that are in a precarious situation or they don't have a job, pay attention: there are very interesting offers in the professional field, and you should receive them actively, with optimism and with enough energy to take advantage of them.

If you already have a job, don't say no to anything at first. Perhaps the time has come to consider a professional change that can broaden your experience and make better use of your qualities.

You can even take on new tasks without abandoning the work you already have. Of course, think about it well and be consistent: assume only what you can.


This Saturday can become a trap for those Virgos that want to relax having something to drink or breaking the party until the wee hours. Be careful because the effects of the alcohol can cause you more than one problem. 

At the level of health, obviously, but also making you take unwanted steps or taking you to levels of unconsciousness that make you a vulnerable person. Stars recommendation: have fun but drink in moderation.

Excesses can also have unintended consequences on your digestive system if you don't know how to control yourself with the binge eating. Savor the best delicacies but in a moderate way.