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Virgo Forecast for Sunday 16th September by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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The relationship with others can become a stormy experience today if you can't calibrate your energies and find balance. What for you is a normal demonstration of happiness and funny words, for others it can be an attack of pride and hurtful words.

So be careful and measure all your actions. Although it's not your intention, the rest can take your excesses negatively. Apart from that, it will be good not to be influenced by certain misleading criticisms that only want to destroy you.

As far as love is concerned today will be a day of great fortune for Virgos, so they can throw themselves into criticism and reveal their most flirtatious side.


Good energies attraction regarding money will be active during today and that encourages you to make investments, starts businesses and try your luck as a complement to your productive economy.

It's also an ideal moment so that those very ambitious Virgos who want to feel fulfilled and have always had as a dream to develop their favorite activity professionally and they go to the conquest of those desires. 

Luck, talent, and virtue are concepts that will accompany you during today and will help you complete a very productive day, but you will have to complement it with a winning mentality, a lot of work and effort.


The men who are Virgo can feel a bit concerned about capillary problems because the loss of hair has got worse in the last few days and it's a problem that is getting you worried. 

You can visit your doctor to explain your problem, but in many cases, the situation is irreversible so the only solution is a hair graft. However, Virgo, you have to adopt a more mature and intelligent solution: accept the evolution of the body. 

Nowadays, fortunately, alopecia has stopped being a stigma and a complex, and many men take it with an authentic sense of the aesthetic and the fashion. So adapt your appearance in a modern and attractive way and learn to live with your new look.

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